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The days when Mo Yijun was assassinated

The days when Mo Yijun was assassinated

The days when Mo Yijun was assassinated

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    The days when Mo Yijun was assassinated
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    Beimu solitary orange
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    Cool Novel
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2022-04-05 13:19:07
After a tragic change, she took a deep blood feud and embarked on a long road of revenge unexpectedly, he also experienced a tragedy twenty years ago his pain is far deeper than hers, and what he carries is far heavier than hers "the green ridge looks at the waning moon, and the dawn wind plays desolate. I miss my white haired Weng, and my liver and intestines have been broken several times. The tree shakes the wind and pours sorrow with wine..." that was his eulogy for his father, but it was stolen by thieves for framing when she took this piece of paper to prove to him, he was speechless he didn't know how to defend when the sword was inserted into him once upon a time, there was someone in his heart, so he could entrust everything to her. In this case, what explanation should be made... it is said that lianrengu: "there are thousands of people to pity, two or three rescuers!" is there room for turning around the moment she lost him, her sky collapsed it turns out that the hatred accumulated for so long is revenge on the wrong person. The so-called hatred is just a trap designed by others how many tears can you exchange for him? Or is this life destined to separate Yin and Yang new book, martial arts!