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Your love comes as promised

Your love comes as promised

Your love comes as promised

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    Your love comes as promised
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    Muke elm pod
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    Wine Novel
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2022-05-28 16:06:49
I've always felt that the love in the drama is far from ordinary people. The emotional process of domineering president, rich second generation or finally becoming a big man seems so unrealistic and illusory, not to mention those dog blood stories. What kind of love can make ordinary and ordinary people believe? Perhaps I can find the answer. Two people who have learned from a university to experience different places, then get married and have children, are not ending with the fairy tale of "ever since they live happily." but they continue to live in a life of fuel and salt. They often make complaints about their shortcomings, and there are many hairs that are common to everyone, as trivial as we are. But it has a unique affectation and romantic warmth... This is the love that comes after you~

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