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Player 0

Player 0

Player 0

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    Player 0
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    Stupid Xiaohan Q
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    Beauty Read
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2021-12-10 20:15:13
There are seven families in space, of which the sixth Bai family is in charge of Jingluo city 25 years ago, the white old city master died. Such a big whale fell into a city without owner overnight, and became the battleground of the other six families if you want to get the whale fall City, you must participate in a game called "whale fall decision" and defeat the initial account "player 0" however, the real identity of player 0 is complicated those who get the whale fall are heaven and earth do you want to be the next mayor of Jingluo city welcome to challenge player 0 the first era: Taoist priest vs baijingluo the second era: Bai Shuang vs Zhuang Mo