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Female scholar with Buddhist counter attack

Female scholar with Buddhist counter attack

Female scholar with Buddhist counter attack

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    Female scholar with Buddhist counter attack
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    A small meat bag that loves meat
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    Mp3 Books
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Jiang Nuan, the former proud daughter of heaven, fell into the devil's way and became the devil's daughter who everyone got and killed. However, the person who had been trampled by her replaced her as the first genius of the sect. She not only worshipped the master she missed, but also fell in love with her childhood elder martial brother. How can Jiang Nuan not hate, but no matter what she calculated, Those strategies will bounce back to herself, and she will be found to have done it every time. Finally, she died in her own hands -- there are a lot of troughs in the novel. Looking at the girl with the same name and surname coming off the line, Jiang Nuan is a little sympathetic unexpectedly, Jiang Nuan felt the same pain when he woke up, especially looking at the sword clubbed on his chest! It's even worse -- just woke up and met the mysterious demon in the book?

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