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Put on this bowl of dog blood. I m dry

Put on this bowl of dog blood. I m dry

Put on this bowl of dog blood. I m dry

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    Put on this bowl of dog blood. I m dry
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    I'm not duckweed
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    Pc Books
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2022-01-17 06:22:24
[in this article, the female is the only beautiful, there is no male, only the Deputy CP, that is, the CP composed of supporting roles] Gou Xue is a high school student with three positive views. After being bound by a system called so and so, she entered a small world derived from ancient early online articles and started her "journey of dog blood" the first small world: the paranoid president gave her ten million yuan to exchange her kidney for his white moonlight Gou Xue: call the police decisively. Buying and selling organs is against the law. We will never do anything illegal the second small world: the cold Lord kept her in captivity and asked her to serve as a substitute for his green plum and die for her Gou Xue: secretly practice peerless martial arts. Who dares to harm me? One, one, two, one pair the third small world: abstinence fairy King took her as an apprentice, raised her, became a Taoist partner with her, and finally killed her to preach Gou Xue: thirty six strategies. Walking is the best strategy. If you encounter someone with mental illness, of course, you should run away quickly the fourth small world: omitted.