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The rose is at the top of his heart

The rose is at the top of his heart

The rose is at the top of his heart

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    The rose is at the top of his heart
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    Where's black ginger
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2022-08-07 11:31:17
As we all know, penalty candles are the talk and joke of many people after dinner because she is extremely beautiful and magnificent, she is like a noble and romantic red rose in full bloom in the morning but his character is insipid and tasteless, such as boiled water without boiling, which is astringent to the mouth the beauty is boring. Even her boyfriend who has just been in love for 15 days angrily dumped her, "Xing Zhu, it's a waste of my 15 days' life to be with you. You're really boring!" when the news came out that everyone was joking about the play, the party concerned raised his lips slightly, which meant an inexplicable rhetorical question "really?" Yes everyone thinks so until the young, handsome and decisive young man in power of the Chu family returned home. It was said that he was about to inherit the wealth of the Chu family. Most of the celebrities in Jiangcheng stuck to it for fear that he would be beaten by others at a banquet, with black eyes like water, he calmly examines the man with stars and moon not far away the four eyes are opposite, and the candle staggers the line of sight later in the back garden, the few and tasteless women in the crowd put the God that could be touched but could not be reached in the eyes of those people against the wall, with an attractive look "they all say I'm boring." "what do you think... Aju?" boring Chu Quanxiang, fortunately, people all over the world are almost blind - no one knew that on that rainy night, the punishment candle saw Chu Jin in the dim light that day, she was just dumped no one knows that all her ulterior motives and all her wanton natural and unrestrained Xing Zhu felt that Chu did not know just as she didn't know, Chu knew her as soon as possible.

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