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After leaving the chord

After leaving the chord

After leaving the chord

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    After leaving the chord
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    Balcony president cat
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    Garden Novel
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2022-09-22 21:59:18
After drinking a bowl of ginger soup, Li Xian, who should have become the Crown Princess of the new dynasty, woke up again, but found himself back at the age of four at the full moon banquet of the second childe of Prince Qin's residence, the future Prince Anning, the eldest grandson of Marquis Dingwu, who should have met her, became a little bastard he had never seen before... "what? Your name is Chen Li? You are Chen Shangshu's eldest son???" Xiao Li Xian, four, looked at the little bastard in front of her, pulling her belt and picking her shoes, I just feel dizzy... Chen Shangshu isn't the Chen Shangshu of this dynasty the Chen Xiang of the new dynasty God Chen Xiang of the new dynasty is not Prince Ning's foreign lover She, she was forced to pick off her clothes and take away her shoes by her future husband's little uncle in broad daylight???

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