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Cool immortal Zun is too provocative

Cool immortal Zun is too provocative

Cool immortal Zun is too provocative

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    Cool immortal Zun is too provocative
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    It's night sauce
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    Pc Books
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2021-12-08 22:04:05
At the first sight of the night Star Luan, Bai Qinmei was impressed by his cool temperament that was not stained with worldly fireworks. In order to stay with him, she did not hesitate to become the close favorite of each other. For thousands of years, she had moved her heart to this exiled immortal Zun, but it seemed that in the eyes of xianzun, there was only cultivation and Enlightenment in her heart, Save the common people...... the pain of not loving is always eroding and biting Bai Qinmei's heart. Therefore, she does not hesitate to take risks. In order to get him to sign a contract with the devil, she has aroused the deeper disgust of yexingluan "is it wrong to love someone?" "if it's a mistake to fall in love with you, I'd rather make a mistake to the end!" "if someone told me that love was so heartbreaking, I'd rather not.... Bai Qinmei questioned ye xingluan when she was seriously injured, but she lost her soul the man she loved wholeheartedly never loved her from beginning to end her love is like a joke and she became the laughing stock of the whole heaven.

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