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Water cat

Water cat

Water cat

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    Water cat
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    Huang guangluan
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    Free Novel
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2022-06-28 13:04:04
There are such a group of people who have no education and no fixed job. They go to the labor market every day and earn a living by selling physical strength. The salary is uncertain. What work they do is uncertain. Whether they have a job or not is uncertain. They are commonly known as "water cat". Their scientific name is water touch. Among these people, some are witty and silent. They have compiled a limerick poem: water cat is sun, market squats, water cat is Lord, Every day Lin Dong is one of these people, but he is really different. First, he is the youngest of these people. He has strength, can bear hardships and earn more money. Second, he is the most educated. He has not graduated from college. Third, he is also the most special place. He has powers and can do some jobs that others can't do