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Wind and rain covered Changchun

Wind and rain covered Changchun

Wind and rain covered Changchun

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    Wind and rain covered Changchun
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    Screen Dong
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    Mp3 Books
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Yuping was a little maid in the palace. On the day she entered the palace, she was calculated by Cen Shangyi of the Shangli Bureau. She almost lost her life. She escaped several times from death, but she was accidentally favored by the Emperor (little five). She became the emperor's Baolin. She was dissatisfied with the two concubines of Qin Yang. In addition, the Empress Dowager and the Empress Dowager sat on the mountain to watch the tiger fight. The life of the harem fell into an irreparable conspiracy with her intelligence, Yuping attracts talents for her own use, gradually obtains the authority to manage the two departments, step by step ascends to a high position, and finally obtains the opportunity to control the situation and rewrite life

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