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Become king in the cruel game

Become king in the cruel game

Become king in the cruel game

Rating: 9 / 10 from 27849 ratings
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    Become king in the cruel game
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    Xiyun Zhouzhou
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    Cook Books
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Mirrors invade the world, the planet is shrouded in darkness, energy is blocked, dead people become mirrors, and NPC become mirrors when people thought that the world was about to collapse and Feng Yu was not in a hurry to collect materials with her neighbors, she took the initiative to enter the game the ethereal voice sounded from the mirror space: "welcome to the mirror world game. I'm an official without dust, and the loser of the game will become the nourishment of the mirror." "remember, don't lose yourself." "then, I wish you a happy game." Feng Yu looked at the neighbor calmly: "do you eat spicy jerky?" Yexiao slowly took over, and he calmly solved the monster next to him, The ice crystal was formed into a little dragon with her mind. The beautiful woman touched the little dragon with a smile in the mirror, NPC ate a mouthful of dog food [men are strong and women are strong. The surface is gentle and the surface is cold. The male leader vs the beautiful and high combat effectiveness female leader. The female leader NPC affinity is max. some games are cruel games, some copies are telling stories, and the copies are games / stories / role playing, fast wear + games]

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