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Deep in love, Mr. law s favorite

Deep in love, Mr. law s favorite

Deep in love, Mr. law s favorite

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    Deep in love, Mr. law s favorite
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2022-05-15 11:42:43
After more than three years of marriage, as Mrs. Tang Luo, the only one who has not received a trace of concern from her husband. After she got pregnant and went to the hospital for pregnancy examination, she met her husband with another woman for maternity examination, and decided to divorce. When the divorce agreement was signed, her cool and thin husband suddenly changed his old style and became dead skinned... Later, it was rumored that the diamond king of Hong Kong City and the noble and cool Luo Muchen got a wife slave. Every day, she coaxed Mrs. Luo carefully and spoiled her on the tip of her heart. Mrs. Luo was ungrateful. She would only cold face, scold him and let him go away.