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Lord Chen s little wife is in the circle again

Lord Chen s little wife is in the circle again

Lord Chen s little wife is in the circle again

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    Lord Chen s little wife is in the circle again
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    Lonely if Rong
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    Hot Read
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2022-01-08 21:49:19
As we all know, Xu Qingchi is a big "cancer" in the entertainment circle. Xu Qingchi, who just came back, is not stigmatized by this. So she looks for evidence, catches bad guys, tries to act and circle powder. She thinks it's good to live like this, but why does the man she met just come back always appear around her Sheng Tingchen didn't expect that someone would teach you what it means: "love at first sight, love at second sight, fall in love at third sight, don't marry at fourth sight, love you for life at fifth sight, and protect you for life at sixth sight" when Sheng Tingchen first saw Xu Qingchi, she thought she had a pair of very special eyes, which can seduce the soul the second time I saw Xu Qingchi, how did I get bullied? When he saw Xu Qingchi for the third time, someone gave her a big bouquet of roses and looked at her with burning eyes. At that time, Sheng Tingchen: madder! Who dares to cut off my beard Sheng Tingchen thought he might have been planted then Lord Chen: "promise to marry me and make you a movie queen!" Qingchi: "??" Lord Chen: "promise to marry me and let you have no worries for the rest of your life!" Qingchi: "do I know you very well?" later Lord Chen touched Qingchi's forehead with blood in his eyes and said hoarsely, "marry me, eh? Your life is yours!" Qingchi gasped and said, "OK" ****** the noble women in the aristocratic family circle raised money to give Xu Qingchi a breakup fee and let her leave Lord Chen. Later... Wuwuwuwu, really fragrant Qingchi is my goddess therefore, the fund-raising was not sent to Xu Qingchi

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