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Sir, you are too sweet

Sir, you are too sweet

Sir, you are too sweet

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    Sir, you are too sweet
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    Xu sisi
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    Passion Novel
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[Vest + Tuan pet + Tian pet] Jiang Ye wore books and became a sad girl. Soon after, he was found by five big men in the capital while outsiders speculated about Jiang Ye's amazing identity, the five bosses took out a card and threw it in front of her "this is 10 billion yuan. Leave our house!" ... JIANG ye, who has lost his normal lust because of wearing books, has provoked a lord that everyone is afraid of, Nansi "ginger, let me touch my little face, and you will have endless sugar." "ginger, don't work hard, I'll raise you." the man's seduction turned a blind eye to Jiang Ye until the man frantically dismantled her scooter "Jiang Jiang, the motorcycle is not safe. I'll drive you to school later." JIANG ye, who finally couldn't bear it, invited him to a small alley in the evening, beat him up, and warned him not to go home unless he repaired the motorcycle therefore, the frightening Lord squatted in front of the broken motorcycle with blue eyes late at night. Baidu "how to repair the motorcycle?" "how to coax the daughter-in-law when she is angry?" (beautiful, wild and contrast, cute all-round boss woman vs real boss, fake waste and flirting Goblin man)