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Medical imperial concubine Huangtu

Medical imperial concubine Huangtu

Medical imperial concubine Huangtu

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    Medical imperial concubine Huangtu
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    Zhen Xin
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    Used Book
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2022-01-02 04:33:43
Shen Xuan was reborn and returned to the year of her 16th birthday with unparalleled medical skills this time she didn't escape marriage and married the silly and disabled king of Qin with her younger brother she holds a gold needle to decide life and death. The murderers who framed her parents, the scum men who killed her eldest sister, the uncles and aunts who forced their brothers and sisters, and the medical fairy valley that chased them all the way... None of them can escape it was to repay the kindness and heal the silly king, but I couldn't help but clean up the people around the silly king. A needle stirs up the world, and a skillful hand stirs up the wind and cloud one day, the foolish king is not stupid and lame. He imprisons a tough woman in his arms. "If he works so hard for the sake of the king, does he have a crush on the king?" ... he, the great Jin God who can stabilize the country with culture and martial arts, was careless and poisoned. He wanted to die safely, but he didn't expect to be pulled back again since then, all the tricks have been done for her, and turning your hands for the cloud is for her once you climb the ninth five year plan, you will be hired by thousands of miles of rivers and mountains.