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Sick Shen Shao s fleeing wife

Sick Shen Shao s fleeing wife

Sick Shen Shao s fleeing wife

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    Sick Shen Shao s fleeing wife
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    Little wind rabbit
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    Day Books
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2022-01-04 03:46:37
Jiang wanwan, who has just married the Shen family, just feels that Shen Han is covered with thorns and unreasonable as rude as that night on the wedding night, as the bride, she was driven out of the room and slept in the aisle all night "cheap", "ruined flowers and willows", "anxious to get married just after divorce?" Shen Han's poisonous tongue hurts people like a poisonous snake Jiang wanwan denied it, but when Shen Han saw her pregnancy report, Shen Han smiled more and more wantonly: "hurry to find someone to pick up the plate? The child of her ex husband?" the winning Shen Han left proudly. But I didn't think the child was his when Shen Han found out that the child was his own, Jiang wanwan said proudly: "how can I be the mother of President Shen's child?" "wife! I'm wrong!" President Shen whispered, "let's go home and talk about it?"