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Through the good times of farming

Through the good times of farming

Through the good times of farming

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    Through the good times of farming
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2022-01-18 23:26:05
[the whole book is free, in the serial, welcome to the pit!] food blogger Zhuo Lin accidentally crossed the famine year in the late 1950s there are six brothers at the top and one younger brother at the bottom. Of course, he has become the favorite and object of the Zhuo family group in an age when there is no other pressure as long as food and clothing are solved, she secretly improves the living conditions of the Zhuo family by relying on wood power I firmly believe that only knowledge can change my destiny, I try my best to help my brother read and learn Chinese characters mow the grass, water the field, plough and sow seeds, experience the hardworking people working at sunrise and resting at sunset as long as you are down-to-earth, hardworking and frugal, starting from scratch and having no worries about food and clothing is not a dream this article is an overhead, self-improvement and self-reliance, and a warm and healing farming article let you experience the difficult journey from penniless, self-made to carefree women advocate self-improvement and self-reliance, while men advocate soy sauce end of the year [take the supermarket back to 50] end of fast wear [fast wear's wife has a spiritual field] serial fast wear [fast wear's palm, the female owner only works in the field]

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