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Concubine Jiao s plan

Concubine Jiao s plan

Concubine Jiao s plan

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    Concubine Jiao s plan
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    Lucky Mountain Bear
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    Canela books
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2022-03-16 20:27:43
She was the eldest princess of Daqing, but her brother forced her to marry a concubine. But when the country was subjugated, the news of her brother's suicide came, and she realized that all this was the best way for her to live... If life could start again, she would never follow the rules again all the tricks are worked out and every step is taken. Maybe everything will turn around only when you go to him... the tenderness of a dozen eyes is just a skin bag appearance. Li qiuwan realized that the king in front of him is not only cruel and violent, but also extravagant. It's simply heinous Qin muen: Li Huaijing tried his best to keep you by his side, but you rushed to beg the king for mercy. In this way, the king will become you (you can invest at ease)

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