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Wen yanpin

Wen yanpin

Wen yanpin

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1983 ratings
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    Wen yanpin
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    Chen Chencheng
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    Wine Novel
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2022-01-09 13:16:52
Yun pin and Wen Yu were two people who had no intersection. She grew up in a backward small town. He lived in a privileged environment; She is experiencing the pain of incomplete family. He is natural and unrestrained and has never tasted pain; She is cold and low-key and doesn't like to talk. He is arrogant and bad when they transferred from yunpin to No. 1 middle school, they became deskmates by chance, and their relationship became worse and worse. Lift the table, kick the chair, throw the school... And then the fight... The whole school saw them and knew that they were enemies later, Wen Yu had a different feeling for the girl, but he didn't want to admit it until he saw Luo Qi blocking Yun pin in the alley with someone, he panicked from that time on, he also slowly found out his feelings for Yun pin Li Tang and other students: brother Yu seems to have become different Yun pin: Wen Yu is getting more and more bored... Wen Yu is not a good man and turns a blind eye to the beaten students,... But he finds that all this doesn't work for Yun pin. She is like an immortal spark, gradually stirring up the field in his heart. His rejection of yunpin gradually turned into exploration, curiosity and care if you really like someone, you will put down his figure and take the initiative to understand her world. But Wen Yu, such a contradictory person, finally looked directly at his feelings after many inner struggles. But Yun pin didn't dare to face it because of the shadow of her family and just avoided it... from campus to the workplace, she experienced many twists and turns, and the outcome was he arrogant and domineering youth * cold and irritable transfer students