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Huangcheng Jinshan Zhai

Huangcheng Jinshan Zhai

Huangcheng Jinshan Zhai

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    Huangcheng Jinshan Zhai
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    Lord Cao Deng
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    Happy Read
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2022-01-18 13:21:29
As the most powerful killer of the organization, Linglong has received a task to stare at the boss of jinshanzhai Bai Menglai I don't know. She was forced to sign the master-slave agreement before she could perform the task cruel killer Linglong: "??" boss Bai lenghum: "what are you doing? Jinshan Zhai doesn't raise idle people! You want to be lazy? Why, do you want to be the boss's wife?" this is a detective sweet pet story about a powerful and rusty killer who is eaten to death by a weak and helpless boss [valiant female killer exquisite vs kind-hearted black-and-white boss]