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Change life I

Change life I

Change life I

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    Change life I
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    Passion Novel
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2022-01-19 08:49:49
Everyone says sheep have a bad life Gaoyang sheep "if you run away from home at such an old age, you'll have to come back with a big belly and see." "Gaoyang belongs to sheep. It belongs to sheep's life... Tut tut." "if she can make a living, I'll climb back directly from the field and she'll get a high school diploma." grandpa said: "mud can't help up the wall." ******* grandma said: "Don't be a lady just for money." only your mother is really looking forward to you in the world. mother daughter two-way salvation. a girl who chooses the wrong way. a mother who forces her child to go the wrong way. everyone says that this is a life that can see the boss at a glance. Gao Xiuning doesn't recognize it, and Gao Yang doesn't recognize it even more!