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Small cry bag her soft waxy

Small cry bag her soft waxy

Small cry bag her soft waxy

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    Small cry bag her soft waxy
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    Grandma paodou
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-07-10 08:50:53
Jiang Yanchen, the second youngest of the Jiang family, has been arrogant and domineering since primary school, and even more lawless in junior high school. After going to college, he still doesn't change his ruffian nature, skipping classes, fighting and drinking in bars all day JIANG Zhong, Jiang Yanchen's father, failed to "teach him patiently" and "produce a filial son under a stick", so he had to take the last measure - let him get out of Jiang's house, out of sight and out of mind Jiang Yanchen can't wait for it. In this way, no one can take care of him, and he can be lawless. However, he didn't expect that his little nanny accidentally "took care of" him "Lin Ruan is just a small crying bag. It's easy to bully those who are soft and weak."< Why does Yan Yanchen think he's so soft eyed every time?

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