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Forget the river and return on the way

Forget the river and return on the way

Forget the river and return on the way

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1319 ratings
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    Forget the river and return on the way
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    Ou Zizheng
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    52weixin Books
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2022-06-29 11:17:11
Jiang Dianxin fell off the cliff and once crossed into a strange country with knives and guns, he opened his eyes and saw a beautiful picturesque scenery: clear lakes, scattered flowers and leaves, and teenagers under the trees I thought it was another lonely road, just like my life in the past 17 years but the young man who met her for the first time offered her a helping hand again and again, so that she could carry it with her without worry - but he didn't seem to like laughing very much later, she finally knew that in the unknown past, the young man was abandoned by his mentor and was maimed by his hands and feet. For seven years, he had been licking blood at the edge of a knife. Others worked hard to live, but he chose to die and live he said his name was chenche he said that she was the light to redeem him seven years ago, he lost the light seven years later, no matter where he fled, the sun shining light still stubbornly shines on him and follows him forever.

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