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Ninghua fog

Ninghua fog

Ninghua fog

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    Ninghua fog
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    Sleepwalking, Alic
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    Cook Books
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2022-07-06 06:56:09
From 2004 to 2015, ninghuawu primary school was promoted to junior middle school, and then the restless campus began Ning Huawu and the people she met helped Ning Huawu "break cans and fall" wherever she went no one wants to be a bad student. Of course, she doesn't want to. Ning Huawu is forced to be helpless the teacher replied, "you still ask this question. I just talked about it in class!" Mathematics made her cry hard. She really accepted her fate when she looked at the transparent test paper in 2004, there were no mobile phones, wechat and mobile QQ on campus. Ning Huawu thought she had driven the change, but the teacher said, "you are the devil of our village!" downstairs of the girls' dormitory, the mocking army dominated by senior three boys is vast, "Ning Huawu, I love you!" The chorus sounded, Ning Huawu "fanning the flames!" Convicted forced and helpless, I was destined to be different!

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