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Red Mulan

Red Mulan

Red Mulan

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    Red Mulan
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    Magic Xi. Sha
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    Cook Books
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2022-09-11 14:04:50
The story takes place in the mainland of China, a parallel world Mulan, Mu's parent daughter. His father Mu Qingfeng, a Bachelor of Wenhua Pavilion, and his mother Yan Ning, the head coach of Zhuque camp. There are younger sister Mu Jin and younger brother Mu Chuan, all of whom are young there are two courts in mainland China. Under its rule, Nanting was divided into four continents. Yu nationality in Dongzhou, Luan nationality in the Southern Dynasty, cobra nationality in the West and Mongolian nationality in the Northern Dynasty Mulan is a member of the Luan nationality. The Luan nationality takes the Luan bird as its totem, which has a deep origin with the Phoenix totem of Nanting. Luan nationality has been a royal family with different surnames since the establishment of Nanting Dynasty. It has been married to the royal family for more than 100 years. The surname of Nanting emperor is Yan. Mulan's mother, Yan Ning, is the close aunt of today's Nanting emperor all four parts of the South court have totems, which are semi independent, but they need to pay tribute to the court every year. The Yu nationality is close to the mountains and believes in the Mountain God Yu. This is a huge beast similar to an orangutan. It is very irritable. Yu nationality is good at earthwork; The ASPS in the West are close to the desert. Most of their territories are desert Gobi. They believe in the ASPS God. They are said to be the descendants of the ancient great God Medusa and are good at using the fire path: the Mongols in the Northern Dynasty are close to the sea and totem the Mongolian bird. This is a large water bird, which inhabits on the island. It looks like an ostrich with broad wings. Its legs are strong, its beak is large and sharp, and is good at waterways. The Luan nationality where Mulan is located is said to be the descendant of the goddess of nature and is good at the way of life. Wood spells are mostly used as an aid Mulan's father is good at literature and his mother is good at martial arts. Mulan is the most famous daughter of the Luan family. Countless childe scholars competed to pursue when Mulan was sixteen, our story began.

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