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After refusing to marry power minister

After refusing to marry power minister

After refusing to marry power minister

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    After refusing to marry power minister
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    Shen Huan
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    Day Books
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2022-09-01 10:29:39
In her last life, Gu Yaoyao went from an ignorant girl to the head of Mrs. Gao Ming. Outsiders only saw her infinite scenery but I don't know that her relatives died miserably one after another. Even if she took revenge, she was exhausted, exhausted and exhausted unexpectedly, she was reborn. In this life, she just wanted to be with her family and protect their safety and success the first thing to change your destiny is to take twenty liang of silver and send off your ruined fiance later, the poor fiance developed and became a new rich and powerful minister in front of the emperor taking care of the family's big house, my fiance has committed a human life people in the capital are waiting to see how the Gu family can make face and beg but when I waited and waited, I didn't see my daughter look down when her hair was white.

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