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He crossed the border with tenderness

He crossed the border with tenderness

He crossed the border with tenderness

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    He crossed the border with tenderness
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    Fu Wuyao
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    Apple novel
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(the second male is superior to Wen, Shuangjie. The second male is black and the second male is white.) it is well known in Beicheng that Tang Rujin is arrogant, but he has raised a delicate sick beauty at home for eight years the sick beauty is bitter and sweet. She coughs every five steps and gasps every ten steps. She enters the performing arts circle at the age of 18 and becomes a popular flower the next year later, at the award ceremony in the same year, Tang Rujin took the beautiful actress into his arms, and Xin Tian slapped the latter on the spot, which ruined his reputation everyone said that Xin Tian was proud of her pet. No one knew that night, she threw a card in front of Tang Rujin and alienated her: "this is my alimony for the past eight years." the latter twisted his cigarette and narrowed his eyes across the light smoke and mist with a sneer: "very good." * Qin Shiyu, the owner of the Qin family in Beicheng, was once the leading professor of cardiothoracic surgery in China it's just that he has been isolated from the world all year round and is extremely mysterious it is rumored that he is cold and quiet, has a violent temper, stabbed people for hundreds of knives and bled blood, but he was finally judged to be slightly injured it is said that he is as gentle as the moon. His appearance charms all sentient beings. He is a rare gentleman in the world Xin Tian's disgraced 19-year-old winter knocked on his door under the cold moonlight in winter before the arrival of spring, he wanted his butterfly to fly back to him... * a long time later, Tang Rujin held Xintian, who turned a blind eye to herself at the variety show, with scarlet eyes: "stop it, do you want to kill me?" the latter smiled brightly, in a cold tone that Tang Rujin had never heard of: "let go, my husband is still waiting for me at home." Qin Shiyu walked to her side and put his coat on her with a warm smile: "sweet, go home."

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