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I have five big brothers

I have five big brothers

I have five big brothers

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    I have five big brothers
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    Indifferent Scorpio
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    Passion Novel
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2022-04-11 02:06:42
Gu Qingqing was soft hearted for a moment and saved himself. Unexpectedly, he worshipped under the holy master of Linghu, who wanted to be a teacher, and became his closed disciple. As a result, there were five more senior brothers, and he began the road of group favor from then on the eldest martial brother was born with a sword body and only had a sword. He was as cold as snow on the top of a mountain, but he smiled at her, refined various robes for her and protected her behind him the second elder martial brother is proficient in music. He seems gentle, but in fact he is cold. He plays music for her all night just to kill the enemy. I just hope she can have a good sleep the Third Elder martial brother, array master, is a dissolute young man. He is romantic but not obscene. He never cares about women, but he is willing to break into the ten day immortal killing array just to save her the fourth senior brother is talented in medicine repair. He only practices pills when he starts the stove, but he is willing to study sugar pills for her, just to make her happy Fu Xiu, the fifth senior brother, is a proud man. He would rather die than break, but he is willing to lower his head and trample on his dignity for her, just to keep her from getting hurt male owner: what about me Senior brothers: get out of the way, junior sister is ours [double strength and double C in this article, men and women love each other]

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