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Zhu Gexing s plan

Zhu Gexing s plan

Zhu Gexing s plan

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    Zhu Gexing s plan
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    Reach and reach
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    Cool Novel
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2022-09-22 23:00:12
The female leader of Wenqu star Lotte school, X Xiaoyao king, recognized the male leader when he was young, Liu Manman, who ordered the leader to leave south, shared half of his energy with Wenqu star. A few years later, when he met another vision, Wenqu star fell into Nanli... King Jing, Jiang Lin, weak and gentle, ordered the leader to unite north. He is the brother of Jiangfeng in the holy land. Jiang Feng doted on the emperor's younger brother and often sent Jiang Lin to collect anecdotes from all over the world Jiangdu is divided into four prefectures, occupying four directions in the southeast and northwest. Wuzhou poetry and painting in the south of the Yangtze River, Lizhou is beautiful and beautiful, mozhou is desolate and distant, Liangzhou is solemn and broad-minded, and the capital is unique among the four prefectures, accounting for the spirit of beauty of each state. One day, Liu Manman met Jiang Lin at the wonton stall in central Beijing, but suddenly he had a vision and fainted in the street. Since then, Liu Manman has dreamed every night and has become a heroine within a hundred miles. The man in the dream will dream of the same scene that night, and firmly remember Liu Manman's face. Liu Manman doesn't remember his face, except Jiang Lin's Jiang Lin also had visions when he was young, and since then he has been weak and ill. It turned out to be Jiang Bai's Conspiracy: shaking the two small stars around violet star - North and south, representing Jiang Lin and Liu Manman respectively after Jiang Lin knew that Liu Manman might be the Nanli he had been looking for, he came to Wuzhou as governor to facilitate investigation. Unexpectedly, it happened that the victims made trouble, the Liu mansion was destroyed, and Wenqu star returned

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