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She comes from Kunlun

She comes from Kunlun

She comes from Kunlun

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    She comes from Kunlun
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    Big ink
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    Passion Novel
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2022-09-22 18:12:56
[female master Tian SA Bai Fumei] [BG master CP, deputy CP] in the 31st year of Tianji, there were two interceptions in Pipa ridge. The master sister Xue Qianying hunted down the culprit for revenge, and finally killed a surname with the power of one person. And she herself was betrayed by her best friend in the second interception. Linghai was destroyed and her cultivation was abandoned, almost cutting off her vitality. Before the loss of consciousness, the past was put in front of us like a horse lantern. The snow thousand shadows finally knew that everything had begun two years ago night building: she never needs to rely on anyone, or even others to do anything for her. I can only stand beside her all the time, stand side by side with her, and think that when she turns around one day, I can see me xianzun: sorry, I'm leaving before I can give you a heart. I've done so much to see what kind of person you are and want you to live Lian Ying: you've been with my elder martial sister for so long, don't you know her? It's always a last resort to pull out the sword. It's too much to cut one of the dead souls under the sword in your and my hands Lianfu: as long as there is a senior sister, I'm not afraid of anything. If there's any chance, elder martial sister, I won't care. I'll spare no effort to kill the whole world Mo xuege: it's never too late for a gentleman to take revenge. But Wuchang Yuanjun never boasted of being a gentleman. She couldn't wait for a moment. And over the years, she has become more and more defensive, and she doesn't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing.

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