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We were all naive then

We were all naive then

We were all naive then

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    We were all naive then
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    But three three
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    Passion Novel
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2022-09-17 08:11:00
We were born that year. You were born before and I was born after. We live close and our parents know each other. I run to see you every day. Sometimes, I bring the little boys next door. How happy later, you should study hard, and our contact gradually decreased, but ah, this did not break our friendship. Later, you are already the third day of junior high school. At that time, I was just on the first day of junior high school. You asked me to play with you, but I refused. I broke your heart, and you gradually became strange to me. Another year, the second day of my junior high school, we were like strangers who had just met. I can't find the topic, and you don't have anything to say to me anymore I regret it I think if we can do it again, if we can choose again, if I don't refuse, will we be together for the rest of our lives since I met you when I was two years old, I've always liked sticking to you. I remember clearly. People say that after ten years of friendship, they will never be separated for a lifetime. However, between us, it became rigid in the eleventh year If, if, if... I can start over.

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