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The Empress Dowager was reborn

The Empress Dowager was reborn

The Empress Dowager was reborn

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    The Empress Dowager was reborn
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    You Xiaowu
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    Long Novel
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2022-03-10 03:23:17
Du ningyun was born in a famous family. In his last life, he married the prince, became the queen and became the Empress Dowager. Everyone admired the scenery of Jiyue all the way but only Du ningyun knew the sad part. The emperor had cinnabar nevus and white moonlight before his death, and it was even harder to be the Empress Dowager after the emperor died most importantly, as a conscientious little empress dowager, she became the Empress Dowager with the greatest reputation, the worst reputation and the most black pot in history Du ningyun, who had been floating above the palace for thousands of years, wanted to cry without tears after his rebirth, Du ningyun learned from the pain and resolutely chose to marry the most jade faced general Yan LUOQI in the eyes of the world. But I don't want to be the heart and blood of the general [1v1, sweet pet]