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Infinite survival of doomsday game

Infinite survival of doomsday game

Infinite survival of doomsday game

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    Infinite survival of doomsday game
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    Ju Juning
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    Clean book
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2022-08-31 21:08:09
This article is infinite flow, main survival, not terrible, because the author will be afraid the female leader is responsible for killing all sides, and the male leader is responsible for planning strategies "Ding, congratulations on the earth entering a new chapter. The doomsday game helps the earth screen new humans. Please players, strive to survive and live to the end ~" the sudden game system divides the earth into a trial area and a safety area natural and man-made disasters in the trial area and buying houses in the safe area the completely different new life makes an Ranran feel a little big however, as a female college student majoring in martial arts, her skin is white and beautiful, and her combat effectiveness is explosive survival is not a big problem for her but why does she always meet this man named horzer by chance but it doesn't matter. Who makes huoze look good, has a good brain, can make money, cook, repair equipment, and give her a beautiful little skirt therefore, an Ranran will be happier if she meets more frequently but for huoze, when he first saw an Ranran fighting, he knew that this woman was a big man

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