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I may have been with a fake host

I may have been with a fake host

I may have been with a fake host

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    I may have been with a fake host
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    There are three mews
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    Wine Novel
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2022-05-14 01:24:59
Also known as "the terminator of the story of fast wear", "there is no be in my world", "the most ferocious character in the history", "NPC to understand"... [shocked! A8 Dragon God was blasted by new people, and the real gods next door envied and cried!] ... "Ding - the drama of beacon fire has been started, and now your identity is: Bao Si, please start your performance." when you open your eyes, you will hear the system prompt, Comrade Long Yin browsed the plot from beginning to end and hissed behind her, the maid knocked over the basin and screamed away, leaving only the residual sound floating in the air... "the king and Princess laughed!!!" Longyin, system:... [Ding - plot mission failed.] "host, laughter is also laughter..." ~ no CP, wear quickly, be serious and cool ~ seek investment ~ memoda~